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"A lot of the league is going to small ball, but the good thing about me, I’m interchangeable. I can play small ball because I can guard multiple positions because I can really move. But I think it’s going to be an advantage for me to be able to take a smaller guy inside but also take a bigger guy on the outside.

(Bryant) may get tired of me because I’m going to be bugging him trying to learn stuff from him. I demand a lot from my teammates as well, holding each other accountable, putting extra work in was what I had to do at Kentucky.”

Randle helped lead the University of Kentucky all the way to the National Championship game as a freshman. He started all 40 games for UK, leading the Wildcats in points (15.0) and rebounds (10.4). He set Kentucky freshman records in double-doubles (24), boards (417), and free throws made (204) as the SEC Freshman of the Year, and was named to the All-SEC First Team.

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Sage Naruto | Requested by Anny

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blue Tokyo by ymk.sato on Flickr.


Yokohama Cityscape by Kwanchai_K on Flickr.